Cheese board

Just finished this cheeseboard made from a plank of pecan. All the work besides the handles (cut out with a jig saw) were done by hand. The wood started out as a piece of raw pecan and then hand planed, scraped and sanded until flat. The edges were rounded over with a hand plane and then sanded to a nice finish.  I used a beeswax finish that is safe for eating and is usually used for treating and reconditioning cutting boards.  Needless to say, my wife is happy :)

Why “Hand Scraped” Costs More

I am working on 8 desks for a client and he wanted a slight bevel on the underside of the desk creating an aesthetically pleasing thin and modern profile. Because of the size of the desk, I felt it almost impossible to get the angle I wanted on the underside of the desk using power tools–a ton of set up which required actually building a tool to accomplish just this one job. This bevel took me 10 minutes to complete and about 2 of those minutes were spent hand scraping so the surface would be completely free of blemishes. The beauty of using a card scraper is that it necessitates no sanding. No sanding means no sawdust, no noise, no earplugs, no respirator mask–pure work. The reason “Hand Scraped” costs more is because its letting you know it was finished by hand not mass produced through a massive belt sander.

Kitchen Sideboard

I’m not sure what this piece would actually be called but Kitchen Sideboard sounded good to me. The client wanted space between the boards for a more vintage look and really the only way to accomplish that look while holding … Continue reading

Entry Desk

Here is an entry table/desk I built for a my good friend who owns The Pilates Nook in Edmond.  It is made from white oak with a walnut stain.  It is finished with two coats of clear satin rub-on polyurethane. … Continue reading