Coffee Table with Trundle

This is a coffee table I built that has a pullout trundle. Since I just started blogging about my projects, I haven’t been very good at remembering to take pictures of the step-by-step process. Full credit goes to for the plans. She has a ton more there so go check it out. This is about the fifth or sixth project I have built using her plans but I am starting to branch out on my own. This coffee table took me about 15 hours total staining and all. I do most of my work with a Kreg Jig . The most difficult part of the table was the notch outs for the handles on the trundle. Other than that, the table was relatively simple cuts, and with Kreg Jig, it made putting the tabletop and sides together, very easy. If you have any questions, on anything, let me know. I’ll be putting my other projects up in a few days as well.  Though my wife wants to keep it, it is for sale-$400.  I live in the Oklahoma City area.

Side of TabletopTabletop Tabletop with Pullout Stained and FinishedPullout

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